Plain Language

A decision that is well organized and clearly written will be understood by the parties and is less likely to be misinterpreted by readers or on appeal.

Collective agreements written in plain language can help reduce workplace conflict and increase understanding. We are available to help labour and management add clarity to their collective agreements.

Writing clearly is equally important in drafting memos, notices or any other documents for busy readers.

Our editors have extensive experience in writing and editing reports, information guides, manuals, guides to legislation and other material for print or electronic media. Our designers understand the need for clarity and readability in all documents.

We offer seminars and workshops on clear and effective writing for staff or members of tribunals and government agencies. We are also available for a variety of writing and editing projects. As with other work, these projects are undertaken by a team, depending on the need for research, legal accuracy, labour relations expertise, and clarity in writing and design.

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